Invisible Tattoos

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I don’t have any tattoos. I have always joked that I wouldn’t scar myself on purpose. But the truth is, I hold my inner scars so¬† tightly, they might as well be burned into my skin. I didn’t choose them. I didn’t decide that I wanted to wear any symbol on my body forever. For-ever. And yet, my emblem is so deep, though no one can see the shape or color of it, it is clearly, darkly, painfully marked on my being. So much so, that instead of proudly owning it, it possesses me.

I wish I could get it lasered off. A few sessions, a few thousand dollars…and watch it fade, then disappear. In a world where technology makes so much possible, where is my magic laser beam?


Nepalese Saying on Travel

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Some people come, looking, looking,
Some people come — see.

Point A. For Argentina.

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What I love about travel is that is shows you–in boldfaced proof–that you really can change your life. That possibilities are in fact, possible.

I have been in Argentina for only 25 days and I am a million miles away from my life in Boston. From my routine self. From life as I knew it.

I am living life as the unknown and unexpected, instead. And where it’s not really as frivolous and exciting as it sounds, I’m lucky that I can see a different horizon. I could go to Tonga tomorrow, and I just might be ok with it.

I’ll miss a few people and places and even things. But in the end, all I have is me. And so what. That’s the clincher. The “so what” is undefined. And it only has to matter to me. Call it selfish but I am–as I’ve been reminded every step of my travels–by myself here, there and wherever I choose to go next.

So what? We’ll just see about that. Or, I will.