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Lazy Sunday. Big-time.

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I woke up. Had breakfast, couch-time and a 3-hour nap. Just ate lunch.

This is what Sundays used to be…


February is ME month

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Okay, and add Jan 30 and 31st (since we need to go a full 30 days!)

I’m 36. And my life is in a totally different place than I ever thought it would be when I was 10, 23, 30… I thought I’d be married, have kids, lived in France, done NYC.

Instead, I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 13 years. Am still single. And can’t imagine not having all this me-time if I had kids.

There have been days when I felt sad. When I felt like I needed to urgently change this or that to get more over “there” instead of enjoying “here”. But life is surprising that way. I’m here, not there. And I need to accept that this single self in a tiny apartment with no mortgage and no one to call out “I’m home!” to when I walk in the door is just fine.

So basically, I’m going to celebrate it. This is my tribute to the very different phase in life I found myself in. Instead of double stepping it forward to get to the other side. Let’s just pretend for the next month that I am there. That I arrived. Not necessarily at my final destination, but at a place that I need to embrace for a while. Because life is what’s happening when you’re making other plans. So no more plans. Just 30-days of living by my own rules, here and now.