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R.B.M. = Rapid brain movement manifest as ramped up creativity during what is a person’s normal deep sleep hours.



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That’s all I have to say right now.

Framing myself.

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I’ve been looking for a pair of glasses. And it occurs to me as I shop how much my personality is framed by my specs.

I don’t want to be too conspicuous–nothing too funky. Yet I want something unique. I’m looking for something just different enough but not too pronounced. And I’m fixated on finding a blue pair.

The search for the perfect frames that are “me” makes me wonder how much of ourselves is ingrained in our personal artifacts. Is my system of belief embedded in my sneakers too?

I’m not just talking about things selected for style, either. I have an international pebble collection–stones which I pocketed from beaches where I’ve traveled. They all are “just so,” if you will. Particular. Or, as I’ve written to the left, persnickety.

This may seem obvious to you. But I’m looking around my place and see how my coffee mug, my “organic” end table I lugged from a beach in Maine and even my tube of facial cleanser– all have my figurative fingerprint.

What do your belongings say about you?

In between stop and go.

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There are certain situations where sitting and waiting make sense.
In some cases, it’s necessary.
In others, just practical.
I tell myself, look straight ahead.
Hands on the wheel.
And wait for the light to turn green.

Can you spare a lifetime?

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One morning. Late for work, as usual.

Walking towards stumbling bum calling out to passerby. His voice sounds as if coming through a voice box.

Bum: “Spare change? Do you have any spare change.

I cross the street to avoid him and walk down opposite sidewalk. He follows.

Bum: “Miss, do you have any spare change?” (At least he called me Miss.)

Me: “No, I’m sorry, I don’t.

Bum: “Do you have a husband?

Find inspiration. Then, act on it.

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Sometimes you just have to jump. Take the risk, and see what happens. Could be stupid. Could be life changing.

I decided to open a different door. By closing one.

As Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry. Be foolish.”