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Je suis fatiguée.

Mais, c’est mon faute. C’etait moi qui l’ai fait. J’etais la cause. Et voila, la resultat…

Tout va bien parce que tout va. Vous voyez? Le jour devient la nuit sans pause.


The Renter

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The Renter’s Manifesto

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This is an article that popped out at me on mint.com. A sneak peek of the article, below:

I’ve been a renter all my adult life, and I have plenty of home equity. My home equity is called “cash,” and it’s the accumulated difference between what I pay in rent and what a comparable homeowner pays for their mortgage, maintenance, property taxes, and utilities. (Sure, I
pay for all of those things indirectly, but that’s the point: they’re rolled into my rent, and they’re not rolled into your mortgage.)
Unlike a homeowner, I can choose to invest my equity in something other than real estate. I can spend my equity without taking out a line of credit. I might squander my equity, but I’ll never be “underwater” due to the vagaries of the market. And I accumulate home equity more quickly than the average homeowner.

The American Dream

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I’m ready to make a home investment. Because social standards said so.

For the last few years I’ve been socking away money for a 20% down payment on a home. Today, on my morning jog passing million dollar houses down my street, I decided it’s time to buy. I’ve done my research and discovered that my ideal address–the place where I’d like to continue building my life–has no street number or mailbox. In fact, it may very well be intangible.

So, I’d like to put my money in undefined time–call it 2010-11. I’d like it to be a minimalist space with a view of boundless life. The kitchen should be a revolving seat at neighborhood ethnic restaurants in various countries around the world. The bath is any place I can cleanse my mind, my soul, okay–even my body. I don’t need to measure square feet. Where I really live is immeasurable.

It should be modern and retro at the same time. It should have whatever amenities it takes to breathe and grow and embrace the moment. Every day I come home should feel…like home. And that level of comfort has nothing to do with a period style or building material or even a ZIP code.

I’m buying the space and time where I can live without classical definition. Beyond walls and ceilings. And the interest on it is scot free.

So, where do I sign?

Quote of the Day

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And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.
Erica Jong

Some woman I don’t even know posted this quote at the bottom of her email. Love it. I don’t need to live by any one mantra, but if you can find momentary inspiration in an email footer, why not?

I mean, some people find Jesus in a piece of toast.

Rise but no shine.

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Time to make the donuts.

A moment of silence

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Sometimes speech is no more than a device for saying nothing–and a neater one than silence.

Simone de Beauvoir, The Prime of Life 1962


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I will write every day.
I will write every day.
I will write every day.


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A friend of mine, searching for a way to describe her boyfriend’s demeanor, landed on the word: emphatic.

The second she said it, I thought, “Great.” Honestly, what a great way to be. I think that should go right up on the list next to tall, dark and handsome.

This word, often used to describe a manner of speaking, immediately conjured up the picture of strength and, in my book, admirable conviction. (In fact, I regretted that we didn’t have this conversation a day earlier when I was coming up with a name for my business.)

I haven’t met her man yet, but among the top ten qualities to appreciate in a person, this one stands out as a definite plus. I emphatically approve.


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I had a chocolate fortune cookie today. It said, “When you are comfortable, you can do anything.” Simple. True.

Breathing On-Demand

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Inhale, lift your arms. Exhale, swan dive, forward fold.

Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m.

I used to leave work early on Wednesdays to get to Helene’s vinyasa class. Helene is French-Canadienne. She says, “Pardon” instead of “Sorry” when she messes up, and she talks like Celine Dion–almost looks like her, too. For 90 minutes, once a week, Helene has me breathing on-demand.

These days you can get anything on-demand. Movies, music, dates, you name it. All of those things are easy. Convenient. And can happen without a second thought. Breathing with your Ujjayi Breath however takes extreme concentration. Even though you’re deciding to do what’s already involuntary.

Imagine, in these moments, you are living on purpose.