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39 Ways to Live and Not Merely Exist

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Thanks to Guy Kawasaki, I found a great site called “Dumb Little Man” (!) and this lovely post,”39 Ways to Live and Not Merely Exist” http://bit.ly/w1YY1

Why 39? I don’t know but it I subscribe to almost everything on the list. And practice them. I guess I’m living. Should I jump up and click my heels? Or write another list?

The only item I don’t relate to is #29 (Stop playing video games.) I stopped playing Tetris when I stopped playing house with my -ex. Two triumphs in one.

I think I’ve got #18 and #19 down pat. Fear and suffering are my best friends.

Going to get off the Internet for a few, mingle at the downstairs tag sale and have a fresh cappuccino and scone from Cafe Fixxe. That knocks off at least 4 other items on the list in one fell swoop. Now you know how I feel about scones. And now you know there really should be more on this list.

What would you add?


I demand a retraction.

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Sometimes I say stupid things. Sometimes I write stupid things. Sometimes, I dream them.

Live and learn.

Be very afraid

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Fear is good. It wakes you up. It tests your mettle. It gives you a big ole shove to move your arse.

I’m in the middle of brushing my teeth this morning, when I remember my dream. It involved many people, a weird house party/ work social event and a Shrek-like “being” trying to tell me my future.

Um. I was scared (in my sleep, that is.) Who wouldn’t be if their future rested in the fat-fingered hands of a green monster? Not run-for-the-hills scared, but nervous and definitely confused. Dangerously intrigued. (Oh shush, emotions are intensified in your dreams.)

As I’m walking to work this morning, I ponder this fear. Because the way you feel in a dream is supposed to actually tie back to something real. Reality? I’m about to go to a faraway country where I don’t speak the language or know a soul, all by myself, for no certain reason other than to experience something new. My ogre soothsayer didn’t talk but maybe that’s because what’s ahead of me is so inexplicable, I have to go through it to find the words. No surprise there.

Just like in April, when I quit my job, I’m putting myself in the path of the unknown. And I’m scared. I can’t put a face to it. Apparently, it’s not even human. But so what. My subconscious may just need a blanky. If my bizarro dream is any indication, Shrek turned out to be quite lovable.

Follow your instincts

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If only finding warmth
and a pleasant place to land
were this easy…

Happiness File #1–Roberto’s Kitchen

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A few days ago I sat in my living room thumbing through my years for happy childhood memories. I’m going to jot down The Happiness Files as they come because that’s the point of me-time.

This one starts with my father. He used to make this lemon chicken dish just for me. He’d always announce it like it was a special occasion. Ooh Lemon Chicken night. One time, he actually put on a cooking show. This is pre-Food Channel, folks. I think there was even a camcorder involved. (With rolling tape.) And my dad making goofy commentary as he coated chicken cutlets in sesame seeds before saut√©eing them and bathing them in lemony goodness–not like syrupy sweet and sour sauce, sometimes titled lemon–on one of those enycyclopoedic Chinese restaurant menus. This was naturally juicy, aromatic citrus coulis. Mmm…Lemon Chicken √† la Roberto.

Flash forward to just after Hurricane Katrina, the first time I had seen my father in almost 15 years. You know what he says to me? Not much. But, “Remember when I used to make you lemon chicken?” Instantly, tears welled up. 15 years of silence and the thing he remembers–the thing that surfaces in a gaping hole of lost years–is one of the trivial yet happy things I held onto, too.

Kind of heartwarming and joyful in all its simplicity despite the complicated riff in our relationship. They say life revolves around meals. There was a glimmer in that long gone moment. But there it lives, satisfyingly so.

Judged by what cover?

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A guy friend of mine says, “I don’t see you married with kids.”

Maybe that’s because we’re in a bar at midnight talking about how to sublet my place so I can travel.

How come no one ever says, “I don’t see you traveling the world and owning your own business”?

And which would be a bigger let down?

Home is where the familiar is

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I’ve been going to the same neighborhood pub for at least 13 years. The barfly I used to wonder about became the doorman. The man who was almost my roommate became my friend. The owner who I danced on the bar with became… still the owner I danced on the bar with.

I look around each time and the crowd is nothing like I remember. The age groups fluctuate. I’m older, they’re younger. Or they’re older, and I’m less settled. Either way, it’s not my scene.

Even the art on the wall has changed, but not to my liking.

So much time has past and though this is my stomping ground, I no longer really belong.

I have outgrown my hood. Or I have outgrown the girl who dances on bars with bar owners.

Next stop: Patagonia

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The upside of cold. The very high up side.

Cold Feet

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Here are photos of me taken less than 6 months ago in below freezing temps. It snowed heavily the whole 3-hr drive up–so much that visibility was barely two car’s length. This was the end of the day’s multi-pitch climb.

I’m remembering the day… happily.

And now I question why I just postponed my travel plans to go to Buenos Aires because I was afraid it was going to be too cold. Highs in the 60s. Lows in the 40s.

Am I serious?

Sitting in my stuffy 80 degree apartment…Everything is relative, I guess.

Surprise behind door number X

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Close one door and so many more open. I can’t tell you how often I find that to be true.

It’s not even about knocking on new ones. Just shut them and you’re welcome to walk through another and another.

(I keep trying to stop writing in metaphors. #FAIL)