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Nepalese Saying on Travel

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Some people come, looking, looking,
Some people come — see.


Point A. For Argentina.

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What I love about travel is that is shows you–in boldfaced proof–that you really can change your life. That possibilities are in fact, possible.

I have been in Argentina for only 25 days and I am a million miles away from my life in Boston. From my routine self. From life as I knew it.

I am living life as the unknown and unexpected, instead. And where it’s not really as frivolous and exciting as it sounds, I’m lucky that I can see a different horizon. I could go to Tonga tomorrow, and I just might be ok with it.

I’ll miss a few people and places and even things. But in the end, all I have is me. And so what. That’s the clincher. The “so what” is undefined. And it only has to matter to me. Call it selfish but I am–as I’ve been reminded every step of my travels–by myself here, there and wherever I choose to go next.

So what? We’ll just see about that. Or, I will.

Ensalada Palta

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If there was a me-time menu. This would be the self-indulgent beginning. A stealthily hearty, yet somehow delicately balanced… salad. You heard me.

In fact, if this was your typical salad. There would be far more vegetarians in the world. Get me?

A lovely, generous blend of not-so-sweet mango, avocado, shaved carrots, curled slivers of fennel, and crunchy peanuts mixed with basil and baby arugula (I think) and tossed in a smidge of rice vinegar. There is a shot glass of a lightly peanut flavored dressing. (Served on the side.)

Accompanied by herb bread sticks with a puréed carrot and honey dip (also served in a shot glass.)

Oh, I can barely breathe having one forkful after another.

Let’s not forget the copa of house malbec. I don’t know the vineyard, but this is Argentina. It’s malbec. Enough said.

Dare I order a main course…? Ooh, it’s a challenge.