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Invisible Tattoos

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I don’t have any tattoos. I have always joked that I wouldn’t scar myself on purpose. But the truth is, I hold my inner scars so  tightly, they might as well be burned into my skin. I didn’t choose them. I didn’t decide that I wanted to wear any symbol on my body forever. For-ever. And yet, my emblem is so deep, though no one can see the shape or color of it, it is clearly, darkly, painfully marked on my being. So much so, that instead of proudly owning it, it possesses me.

I wish I could get it lasered off. A few sessions, a few thousand dollars…and watch it fade, then disappear. In a world where technology makes so much possible, where is my magic laser beam?


Nepalese Saying on Travel

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Some people come, looking, looking,
Some people come — see.

Point A. For Argentina.

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2010 at 4:38 am

What I love about travel is that is shows you–in boldfaced proof–that you really can change your life. That possibilities are in fact, possible.

I have been in Argentina for only 25 days and I am a million miles away from my life in Boston. From my routine self. From life as I knew it.

I am living life as the unknown and unexpected, instead. And where it’s not really as frivolous and exciting as it sounds, I’m lucky that I can see a different horizon. I could go to Tonga tomorrow, and I just might be ok with it.

I’ll miss a few people and places and even things. But in the end, all I have is me. And so what. That’s the clincher. The “so what” is undefined. And it only has to matter to me. Call it selfish but I am–as I’ve been reminded every step of my travels–by myself here, there and wherever I choose to go next.

So what? We’ll just see about that. Or, I will.

Ensalada Palta

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If there was a me-time menu. This would be the self-indulgent beginning. A stealthily hearty, yet somehow delicately balanced… salad. You heard me.

In fact, if this was your typical salad. There would be far more vegetarians in the world. Get me?

A lovely, generous blend of not-so-sweet mango, avocado, shaved carrots, curled slivers of fennel, and crunchy peanuts mixed with basil and baby arugula (I think) and tossed in a smidge of rice vinegar. There is a shot glass of a lightly peanut flavored dressing. (Served on the side.)

Accompanied by herb bread sticks with a puréed carrot and honey dip (also served in a shot glass.)

Oh, I can barely breathe having one forkful after another.

Let’s not forget the copa of house malbec. I don’t know the vineyard, but this is Argentina. It’s malbec. Enough said.

Dare I order a main course…? Ooh, it’s a challenge.

Good night, moon.

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Decca Mixed Chorus/Louis Armstrong – Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen .mp3
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T minus 2.5 days

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My apartment is spotless. I feel like I’m moving instead of traveling for 6 weeks.

People keep asking me if I’m excited. Even the people at the credit card companies I’ve been calling to set up fraud alerts. When did credit card companies get so friendly?

Right now–after 14 hours of various errands including mopping floors, hacking my closet down to a 26″ piece of luggage and filing away all of my personal papers into a storage bin, I just want to go to sleep.
My life can change after I’m well-rested. How ’bout that?

I repeat, "Repetition works."

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Try, and try again. Practice makes perfect. Repeat after me. Life’s little instruction manual seems to like repetition. So choosing what to keep in the loop must be endlessly important. The habits you develop. The relationships you hold. The core beliefs that drive everything you do. Kind of sounds exhausting to keep your world turning, doesn’t it?

Here are my things to circle:

1. Keep your favorite people as close as you can. Call, write, visit. Often.
2. Do what you love, over and over and let it fill you. But never be sated.
3. Stay up late a lot. Sleep in a lot. Take a lot of naps in between.
4. Eat everything you crave within a reasonable time of the craving. Be unreasonable about it.
5. Gorge on the good stuff. Purge the bad stuff. Only after you’ve tried it.
6. Be literal when it matters. Be figurative when you need to.
7. Make a point to learn life’s lessons. Understand when you’ve learned your lesson.
8. Give of your time and have patience. The clock is always ticking but it doesn’t rush.
9. Know the difference between keeping track and being mindful.
10. Think. And be thoughtful.
11. Expect more of a top 10 list.
12. Relish a baker’s dozen.
13. Forget bad luck and good karma. But believe strongly in something.

The circles of life. Or language?

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Come full circle. Stay in the loop. Round the corner.


Are you following me? “O”s are good. A whole is a pie (~3.14 kind of pie). Tasty and complete. But a 0 (zero) is empty, null, void. Visually, they are mirror opposites, you see?

Running in circles? Bad. Circling back? Not so bad. How about that the circle of life is an infinite miracle. But a lifecycle is kind of a dead end.

Language is just so convenient that way isn’t it? You can speak out of both sides of your mouth and be right. Or left. But right.

Words. Chew on ’em. Eat ’em. Regurgitate.

34º 36′ S, 58º 27′ W

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Change of scenery changes you.
Change of pace changes trajectory.
Change of heart changes everything.

Change is good.

T minus 8 days

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In 8 days, I board a plane to South America. I’m looking forward to traveling and changing my coordinates for a little while… I’m a tad nervous but also excited. Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself.